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Be my night bride, you're the darkest thing i've ever looked at. asked by aamer-esgrun

I will be Barbara Steele and you’ll be Bela Lugosi

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you actually have a really great face asked by Anonymous

I don’t really like it, but its what I got. my face have the same shape as a cookie or a pancake

You are a sweet mushroom. 

Thank you <3

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Remove my guts and organs and fills my body with dried flowers and wine only 

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Vincent van Gogh “Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity)” 1890.
Early in the year, Vincent had written to his brother Theo, “Let me go quietly on with my work; if it is that of a madman, well, so much the worse, I can’t help it.”


Haus Arafna  ✥  Lucifer

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SEE THE UNBILICAL CORD? New-born piglets in the meat industry are left to fend for themselves. Mother pigs are held tightly in narrow sow crates-they can barely turn around let alone nurture their young. When piglets arrive they are literally born into slavery. This photo shows a piglet who has just been born. Soiled and alone he stands defenseless on a dirty plastic crate. Can you see the look of sadness in his eye? It doesn’t have to be this way. So glad I’m vegan.

From The Mercenary by Vincente Segrelles.
my face is fucked up but whateverr
you will always be a cute tumblr girl, regardless of your choice of socks (they're great too) asked by Anonymous

You’re a very sweet and kind anon and I’m sending you mental forehead and nose kisses ^.~

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